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RWC Prediction and Analysis

Rugby World Cup 2019: Prediction and Analysis

The Rugby World Cup is about to begin in Japan. There are a few ways free to watch Rugby World Cup stream live. There are a lot of different thoughts about who will win. Many fans have their favorites, and no one will know yet who will win. However, there are some major predictions for the Rugby World Cup and also analysis for the matches too.

In pool A the countries are Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, and Samoa. This is said to be the hardest pool of the tournament. These are not the best teams, but the skills that they have can take any squad down. This pool has Scotland predicted to win.

In the second pool, it is predicted that Ireland will win, yet lose to New Zealand in the quarter-finals. Japan is growing as a force in the world of Rugby. They are predicted to come in third in their group. They play Scotland in the final pool game. Samoa is predicted to win one game and Russia is predicted to lose at least one game by over 70 points.

New Zealand is the favorites for every Rugby World Cup. Everyone always puts their money on them. They are predicted to win their pool for sure. South Africa is predicted to be second in the pool, but they may be winners in the World Cup Final. Italy will win two games, Canada will win one, and Namibia will one game as well. England, France, Argentina, USA, and Tonga are in the pool of death. There will be three big teams in this pool. England has improved a lot since the last World Cup. They are predicted to win the pool but lose in the semi-final to New Zealand. The USA is predicted to be Tonga. The All Black is predicted to win the entire tournament. Only time will tell who wins this World Cup and it is almost time for the matches to begin.

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